Team LiftOut


Justin Guinn Owner/Coach


  • Age:27

  • Height: 5'9

  • Weight: 200

  • Squat: 570

  • Bench: 350

  • Deadlift: 605

      I started powerlifting in 2011 with a push/pull competition. I benched 200lbs and deadlifted 350lbs weighing in at 160lbs. I quickly got hooked on the sport and realized I had a long way to go to be competitive. I continued to lift on my own without advice or knowledge for the next two years. This lead to slow progress and several bomb out at meets. In 2013 I decided I was going to attempt to get serious about powerlifting in all aspects of training and competition. I did my first full power meet in December of '14 and totaled 1330 with a 475 squat 315 bench and a 540 deadlift weighing 192.. After this meet I started to try my own hand at programming for myself and in 2015 I did 3 meets with 2 bomb outs and one 8/9 meet with a total of 1350, squat 500, bench 320, and deadlift 530, weighing in at 195. I finally had a few training partners that let me program for them as well as myself and the past two years which led to my best meet to date in October of 2016. I went 8/9 with a 1405 total, 470 squat, 350 bench, and a 585 deadlift with a body weight of 193. I left weight out there on each lift and cant wait to see where 2017 takes me. So in my 6 years of powerlifting 2 of them I was stubborn and two of them I've taken into my own hands, with good results, 40 lbs in good muscle mass and over 500lbs in just two lifts. My training partners haven't been bitten by the competition bug like I have but the ones that have stuck with me for at least a training cycle have seen 100lbs added to their totals and some to their individual lifts. I just competed in a meet 4/1/17 where i went 510/340/560 for 1410 total @198 raw w/ wraps.