4/18-22/17 Week 1 training

This marks my first week back training since my meet April 1st. I have so!e pretty lofty goals in mind for the rest of 2017 and going to push as hard as I can without hopefully crossing over into my breaking point.  


Started off my week with a max effort lower body day to get things rolling and back to scheduled training. Decided to do something I don't enjoy just to make it even more enjoyable. A 3.5" deficit deadlift was my idea of a good time today. I pulled everything from a deficit to see how everything was feeling, I was kind of pleased how smooth everything moved up to 455. I hadn't used a belt up to this point but knew I needed it for my 500lb attempt. Thing about my belt is its gotten a bit tight since the meet as I am currently weighing around the 207 mark which is the heaviest I have ever been. I put on the belt and flipped the lever and attempted to get into position, I ended up barely getting my hands on the bar before bailing on it and seeing black dots as I walked off to find a screw driver. Once the belt was let up a knotch I made the attempt pretty easy but decided that would be as heavy as I would go for the day.


Bench day for the week was nice and easy. I'm going to use resistant bands on all main movements until I stall or lose interest in them. Today prescription was 135 bar weight and about 100 or so in band tension at the top for 6 sets of 3 reps. It felt surprisingly good to have a bar back in my hands with some weight to it. I finished off the training with 65s on some tempo with pause in the bottom! Dumbbell bench.


Well the rest of the week didn't go as planned sometimes life happens. I was fortunate enough to find time to get my lower body training and upper max effort in at the same time. I started it off with some speed squats 230 bar weight and 100 in bands for 6 sets of 3 reps. Boy does it feel good to be back to lifting. I cruised through those rather easy but did end up with a lower back pump on my right side that wanted to give me a hard time during deads. As soon as I finished squatting I jumped over to the deadlift platform which was locked and loaded at 405 bar weight with 160 in bands waiting for my 5 sets of 2 reps. Between that back pump and not being used to my new found bodyweight I failed to get the prescribed sets. I pulled the first 2 sets for 2 reps but the belt was killing me and positioning just didn't feel right. So I tossed the belt and attempted it without one. That felt much better but I couldn't muster 2 reps so I settled for 6 singes to get my 10 reps at that weight in. By now I was spent and was ready to call it quits but I had already set up for incline bench and was ready to give that a go for the first time since 2011. I have slacked on bench more than any other lift due to my right shoulder and just did what I could do but thats changing, you have to do something different to get different results. With no spotters and my right shoulder as unstable as it is the unracking of the incline bench was the hardest scariest part. I finished with 225 with plenty more in me but really wasn't wanting to risk something with the shoulder when I didn't have too. All in all week one kicked my butt and made me greatful to be back at it.