4/1/17 Light of Life Powerlfting Meet


The reason i wanted to be a part of this meet is it was a fund raiser for a local girl who has been battling brain cancer. All the proceeds were going to her and her family and anything I could do to help I wanted to do. It was a great meet, we raised over $3300 for the family and got to see her and show her our support. God blessed me with this opportunity and I think I performed fairly well. I knew I had my openers in me but I wasn't sure that my top end strength would be ready to go with just 5 weeks of training. I opened with a 435 squat and it felt a touch rough but I had warmed up a touch fast and did too much waiting for my flight to start. I did something I've never done before, which was not calling my next attempts. I left that up to my wife, and my two training partners that were there. I had no idea what my next attempt was till the called me onto the platform for 480 for my second. I thought I cut it a little high from how fast it moved, I didn't bury it quite as low as I normally do, but it was still a good lift. They then called for 510 for me on my third attempt that would be a 10lb PR. I was surprised at how light it felt on my back, it was a bit of a grinder coming out of the hole but I knew it was moving in the right direction.  So a good way to start the day 3/3 and a 10lb PR plus i was +40 lbs in the right direction for a total PR.

On to the bench, this had been my worst training lift for the meet. I did a cycle of over head press and it has caused my sternum to be tight and want to lock up for a few weeks now. I was opening with 315 and was prepared for that to be my best bench of the day but was hoping for maybe 330 if I was lucky. 315 moved easy and i felt a bit better about myself going into the second attempt. When I heard them call bar is loaded at 340 for my next attempt I thought boy they are confident in me i better give it all I got. It felt heavy in my hands but it moved was not the smoothest looking lift but it got me 3 white lights. I knew I didn't have much more in me but in my head i was already +10lbs where I had hoped to be so I was happy going into my third attempt. They reached a little much for me on the third but they were trying to get me a 5lb bench PR of 355. I laid down on the bench got tight and gave 355 all I had until i couldn't push anymore. I got it about 3-4 inches off my chest and that's all she wrote. So with that miss I was now 5/6 on the day with 840 total and a +30lbs on my way to a new total PR.

Now my favorite lift is the deadlift, I have pulled 3x body twice and was really hoping for a shot at a third time this meet. Weighing in at 193 means that would be right around the 580 mark which is doable and 5lbs shy of tying my deadlift PR. I opened with 525 and pulled it probably the fastest I've ever done with 525. Then they called for 560 which would give me a 5lb total PR with another attempt left. I was ready for it and had something happen I've never had happen to me before, about an inch past my knees the bar dipped down back below my knees before I powered through and locked it out. This of course resulted in a no lift which was not that big of a deal to me, I knew I had more in me and just had to get that mishap out of my head. I told them to just decide what they wanted to do I was fine and it was fluke, so I walked off to clear my head. The only thing I can come up with is we were using a deadlift bar that has a bit more whip to it and I am not used to that by no means. Maybe the bar whipped a little bit and the momentum carried me down a few inches before my strength powered through I do not know for sure. In my head i was hoping they went to 570-580 but I was not going to start calling my numbers on the last lift of the day by no means. I have got to give them credit they did the smart thing and called me to redo the 560 and secure a meet total and not risk me going 1/3 on deads. I approached the bar in my mind to pull it more controlled and with constant tension to try to keep the whip out of it this time. The bar move right up with no incident this time and resulted in a good lift and a new total PR of 1410 @198 raw w/ wraps.

I had an incredible time with my fellow lifters and everyone who helped put on the meet for this wonderful little girl. I can't thank God enough for allowing me to be apart of this event and everyone who helped in anyway. I am so humbled by the experience i can't put it into words, other than God is great!!  Thank you to my training partners and wife for helping me anyway they could and for handling the best meet I have had so far.