3/27/17 Training for a Light of Life


Well it is the week of the meet, in other words just sitting around getting nervous. Nothing to special went on today. I had to do 3 sets of 8 reps on all three lifts at a big astounding 30%. I super set them in order of the competition which resulted in a pretty good sweat and a nice lower back pump. Body weight was about 200 so weight is back up and should be good to go come Saturday.


Today is the last day of any kind of lifting for me before Saturday. I worked up to 75% which was 265 for 3 sets of 1. The weight really moved good and no real complaints with just a few days to go.


Body weight hasn't been an issue so far so i gave myself some leeway and continued to eat today until about noon. Weight was at 201.6 right after eating so just a 3lb cut for tomorrow weigh ins. Ill stop drinking water about 6pm and call it good for the night. I will weigh in as close to 9am is possible id be shocked if I was at least down to 195 by then.


I made weight easy. I walked in stood on the scale and came in at 193.6lbs, not too shabby. Now my favorite part, the bloat. I ate and drank till I could not anymore. I went to bed weighing in right at 203. Now to try to sleep and get ready for game day.