3/20/17 Training for Light of Life


My back and hips felt a lot better today so i took this to mean to work up to my opener for the meet next weekend. This was only my second time in wraps since my meet in October. 405 in wraps i got a little forward right out of the hole i blamed it on the knee wraps. I put 435 on the bar and wrapped up again this time the lift went nice and smooth a lot more like i expected the 405 would go.


I decided to bench today hips are a touch sore from Mondays squat. I'll either deadlift tomorrow or Friday nothing too crazy probably around 450 for some speed singles. Back to bench took my warm up like usual, when I got to 275 it felt pretty good so I did it for two. I then moved up to 300 this was my planned heaviest going into today. I ended up doing a 2x2 with first set long pauses and the second set touch and go. I dropped to 275 and did it for another set of two and decided that was probably enough heavy tax to to be paid 10 days from the meet. Blood flow was my next idea so with 225 I attempted at AMRAP which resulted in 15 reps. After this meet I may give a little 225 training and see how many I end up with since the combine was just a few weeks ago. I finished up the bench work out with a quick 135x30 that has left me still feeling the pump as I type this. On to tomorrow and getting ready for the meet.


I deadlifted today for the first time in two weeks just to make sure I still knew what heavier weights felt like. I didn't have much time, 30 min window or so. I jumped in and warmed up 135x5 225x5 315x3 405x1 I had only planned on going 455 just to see how it went. I pulled it without a belt felt slow video showed it moved decent. Then I put a belt on and moved to 500 wanted to see how that moved. Once again that felt a bit slow but upon video review it went faster than the 455. My planned openers for the meet April 1st are 435 squat 315 bench and a 525 deadlift. In all honesty I did not think I would be this close to my normal numbers after having surgery February 1st. Now the boring week of waiting on the meet starts.