3/13/17 Training for Light of Life


Monday I started off with some max effort front squats. I was looking to hit a new PR of 340, i had done 335 about 6 weeks ago prior to having my tonsils removed. Warm ups went great everything was moving smoothly so I thought why not give 365 a run. I made it to the bottom of the lift and lost the weight off my shoulders. Worst part of that was not knowing I had the strength but having to unrack the weight. Looking back I should have been smart and went with the planned 5lb PR. Once i got it all set back up i took 340 for an easy smooth lift that resulted in the planned PR.


I wanted to come in today and see where my opening bench would be for the meet. I haven't been too awful impressed with my bench since, I did a cycle of over head pressing and hit a PR of 205. But today everything seemed to move alright, not like I had hoped, but better than I thought it would. Did 315 for 3 singles and threw on the original sling shot and did a set of two with 325.


I took Thursday off, lower back and hips were pretty sore and tight from work and my front squat attempts Monday. So I went with a floor press to see how my bench might fair for the meet. I hit and easy 280 for my planned PR. I had more but was trying to be smart and call it there going into the weekend. Especially since I wasn't that smart Monday I moved over to the bench and used a 4 board bench block to get some triceps work in and killed myself with 295x10 and 295x7.