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      I had two shoulder surgeries out of high school and I was really needing to find something to scratch my competitive itch so, I started in powerlifting and strength training in April of 2011.  Without any idea what I was doing I signed up for my first competition in June. It was very eye opening and humbling, but I was hooked.  Just a few months before I had bought my first bench and300 pounds in weights and started training on my own. I found out about the meet and immediately had to learn to pause my bench and how to deadlift with a straight bar. In high school I had only ever deadlifted with a trap bar. There were many things I needed to learn, but had no clue at this time. I continued competing, reading, and learning about powerlifting. A few years down the road I have Increased my totals by 150%, I have customized training plans for my lifting partners, and successfully increased others lifting totals by 50-75% within a 12 week period. Join Team LiftOut and let me help you reach your goals!

  I am currently an ambassador for two companies, Chaos and Pain and Warfit Clothing. Chaos and Pain (C&P) is a supplement company ran by powerlifters for powerlifters. I currently take their pre-workout, protein powder, and BCAAs. I'm very pleased with each product and would recommend it to anyone. If you are interested in them check them out at https://www.chaosandpain.com/ use my discount code of Guinn20 to receive 20% off your entire order. Warfit is a life style brand for lifters who are willing to work for what they believe in and outside the gym. Check them out at http://www.warfit.net/?aff=71 and use my code TeamGuinn for 10% off your order.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens the face his neighbor”
— Proverbs 27:17



Ready to run Programs

The Four Phases of Strength

This is a ready to run program that is 12 week strength amplifier. It can be used as a peaking cycle for a powerlifting meet or just anyone who is willing to put in the work to get stronger.

Custom Programs

Custom programming is where we work with you and your goals to come up with a program best suited for you to reach your goals. With weekly changes to adjust and adapt to whatever life throws at you. This will help you on your way to strength, size, or less body fat goals you have.

Online Coaching

With online coaching we take custom programming to the next level. You get a custom program for your specific goals but with having your own personal coach just an email away 5 days a week. By submitting top set videos you will receive technique advice on lifts, improvement on the program, and coaching thoughts on the days training. With email access you will unlimited access to your coach about anything training, meet prep, diet, recovery, and mental aspects to training.